Carl Hanson Awards: Nomination Procedure and Criteria  11.10.2019

  • Nominations shall be made to the Secretary of the ICSE until 8 months prior to the upcoming conference.
    • Notices announcing the Award shall be placed by the ICSE Secretary in appropriate journals, e.g. Solvent Extraction and Ion Exchange, Hydrometallurgy, and web-sites. The joint sponsorship of the Award, the Society of Chemical Industry and Dechema shall also be informed and requested to include the information in their literature. It is also appropriate that notice of the Award shall be included in all literature related to the next ISEC.
  • Nominations shall be in writing and must consist of the following documents:
    • A nomination letter not to exceed 1000 words
    • Two additional letter supporting the nomination again not exceeding 1000 words
    • A summary of no more than three (3) pages outlining the nominee’s career, achievements and contributions to solvent extraction
    • A list of publications
    • Three pdf-copies of the most important contributions in the field authored by the nominee.
For further details or to suggest nominees, please contact the Secretary of the International Committee

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